Created in 2009, the “Association Beauval Nature Conservation et Recherche” (Beauval Nature Conservation and Research Association), known since the origin as ABCR, was renamed “Association Beauval Nature pour la Conservation et la Recherche” (Beauval Nature Association for Conservation and Research). It is nowadays commonly named Beauval Nature.

Beauval Nature has initiated and managed a lot of conservation programs, like in Djibouti, where individuals of native species were reintroduced, or in Colombia, where the association acts in favour of the preservation of the white-footed tamarin, a very endangered small primate.

The support to programs supervised by other institutions or NGOs is yet not forgotten. Those programs are often linked to the animal collection and the goals of the ZooParc de Beauval.

Our non-profit organization is essentially financed by donations from zoological parks, companies and individuals, all sharing the same concern about the preservation of the world’s natural resources.